The Iowa Great Lakes Chamber Is Looking For Donations For The Fireworks Show

Mon 7-1-2019

 (Arnolds Park) The Fourth of July Fireworks show is coming up and the Lakes Area Chamber is looking for donations. KUOO’s Mathew Grisham has more:

Kiley Chamber Fireworks Show 712019 

The Iowa Great Lakes Chamber wants anyone with fond memories of the fireworks show to consider donating for the show coming up soon. 

The Chamber's Kiley Zankowski explained the need for funds. "For over 40 years you know the Fourth of July fireworks show has been displayed over the West Okoboji Lake sky and it’s just really created memories for families for generations and each year we try to make that bigger and better so we're filling the barge and we're trying to make the show bigger and better but we can't do that without the public's help so any donation big or small goes a really long way in creating a memorial Fourth of July fireworks show. So both local businesses, businesses from all over the state of Iowa along with individual families can make donations and have made donations really if the fireworks make an impact to you and in memories at the Lakes area make an impact you then we're kind of looking for sponsorship from you as well. The fireworks are done by J&M Displays so they'll go off right around dusk on the 4th of July so just keep your ears out on KUOO radio and and you'll see that the beautiful display down on West Lake Okoboji."

Donations will be listed on here, for more information contact the Iowa Great Lakes Chamber at 712-332-2107.