The Hartley Summer Celebration Is Starting With The Moving Wall And 100th Veterans Anniversary

Thu 8-1-2019 Hartley,IA 51346

The Moving Wall, a slightly smaller version of the Vietnam Wall that travels around the country, is visiting Hartley for the local VFW Post’s 100th Anniversary. Kathy Wacker has more. Hartley Veterans Wall 812019 

“Well this morning as they're carrying the panels and putting them up on the foundation it was pretty darn quiet. There was nobody yelling there was nobody I mean it was a very solemn and then we had to take cloth and wipe the dust and so forth off of the wall and while you're doing that I was just like oh my gosh here’s this and to know that I think 13,000 some of those young men were 18 years olds that gave their life and I think it's good for all veterans and for the community because not everybody can go to Washington DC and see the wall there. This you know this gives you this gives you effect it gives you the names. It’s kind of an emotional thing. The wall is lit, it’s open around the clock so people can come at anytime they wish.”

The Veterans wall is part of the Hartley Summer Celebration, to find out more click here