The Colton Baschke Foundation offers programs to help with Pet Costs for those in need

Tue 8-6-2019 22785 Nature Center Rd, Okoboji, IA

The Colton Baschke Foundation is working to keep people with pets.

The Foundation's Hayley Wilson gives us the details… Colton Baschke 862019 

"Yeah I'd love to so our pet food assistance program is something that will provide food and or vouchers for pet food to pet owners in our community so someone who lost their job or have fallen on a hard time. That problem would allow them to still take care of their dog and get it the food that they need. That pet health program will provide funds for a vet bill for qualifying individuals.  We work with a couple different vets from the area. This provides those services for people to either you know reduce their vet bills or wok with them so we can figure out how to help them with that. Those two programs really were targeted to help individuals in our community as well as the shelters. So this event coming up which is called “Trails for Tails” it will be held at the Dickinson County Nature Center September 28th, that is a Saturday and it will be held from 10 to Noon. If you don’t have a dog that’s completely fine, it could be an individual or a family. We just encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the resources at the nature center."

 To learn more visit the Colton Baschke Foundation on Facebook here

The foundation is also hosting events. In June they hosted a memorial golf tournament on Colton's birthday and on September 28th they will be hosting an event called "Trails for Tails." Registration for the event is at 10 am on the day of the event. 

They are also going to be funding a scholarship at Iowa Lakes Community College, in Colton's name. 

The foundation also has goals of volunteer work, helping animals get adopted, backpack programs and more. To join or volunteer, email