The City Of Jackson Is Moving Ahead With Proposed Changes To Its Ambulance Service

Thu 5-6-2021

(Jackson, Mn.)-- The City of Jackson is moving forward with plans to re-structure its ambulance service.

Last fall the current ambulance board met with a consultant and it was his recommendation that the department be restructured to be unified with the rest of the City. Under the changes the existing board of directors would be re-organized into a five member Advisory Board. The board would consist of three members of the ambulance crew, a representative from the hospital and a liaison from the city council. City Administrator Matt Skaret says there is a common goal with the changes being made...Skaret on ambulance service changes01 

"We want to keep the local control of our ambulance service to be there when you have to call 911 and you need an ambulance right now. And that's really what it's all about, is being able to provide that top notch best service when you really need it."

Skaret says the current ambulance service is top notch and they want to keep it that way...Skaret on ambulance service changes02 

"Now the Jackson Ambulance has a terrific reputation outside of town, you know, among other ambulance services. We're up here on a pedastal as far as our quality of training and quality of crew and, you know, level of service we're able to provide."

The current Ambulance Director and the EMS Manager position will be consolidated into one full time Ambulance director position. The Ambulance director will report directly to the City Administrator, as the rest of the city department heads currently do. The council appointed Mike Muchlinkski (Maclinski) as interim director until the full time position is filled. Applications are now being accepted for the full time position of Ambulance Director. For more information and an application please visit or call city hall at 507-847-4410. Applications are being accepted until the position is filled.