The Arts at St. Joseph to present The Browns Classic Christmas December 8

Tue 12-3-2019 1305 Okoboji Avenue Milford, Iowa

(Milford)-It's the Browns Classic Christmas on Sunday, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

The Arts at St. Joseph to present The Browns Classic Christmas December 8 

The Arts at St. Joseph will present The Browns Classic Christmas on Sunday at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Milford.

Chairperson Karess Knudtson says the family group will feature traditional songs and carols.  "The Browns are a family that has been singing together for about 19 years.  Shelly Brown is the Mom and it's her 3 children.  It's just really going to be a lovely concert.  They do some traditional songs as well as they'll do some carols.  I'm certain that we will be delighted with some of their harmonies and I know that they're just quite talented musicians with their instruments.  I believe they have guitars and violins and electric fiddles.  It'll really be a full sound.  I think it will really be something to look forward to."

She notes that admission is free with a reception to follow.  "Our doors open at 4 pm.  It actually is a free concert, and the concert will start at 4:30.  After the concert, we bring the artists into our Parish Center there.  People have an opportunity to meet and greet and talk with those performers, and we'll have a nice little wine and cheese reception and I think it'll really be a nice evening for people."

Freewill donations will be accepted at the concert.

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