Test Iowa Site Coming To Spirit Lake Monday (June 22nd); Contact Tracing For Dickinson County Now Being Done By The State & National Guard

Wed 6-17-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- A Test Iowa site will be setting up shop next week in the Iowa Great Lakes. Public Health officials made the announcement today (Wed.) in an online video conference with lakes area businesses. Brandon Rohrig of Dickinson County Public Health says the Test Iowa site will be operational beginning mid-day Monday at the Dickinson County Expo Building in Spirit Lake...Test Iowa01 

"We're being given the ability to basically test anyone that wants to be tested and we'll plan to roll it out Monday at about noon and with a lot coordination on the state's end to help us get that going and get it working well."

Rohrig says those wanting to get tested through the site will need to complete an online assessment first at TestIowa-dot-com...Test Iowa02 

"Yes, they'll have to go through the online assessment to basically, registered isn't really the right word, but to be put into the system so you can get the results and so they know who to notify. At the actual site the goal is to get basically verify who you are, test you and get you out."

Rohrig says additional details will be coming very soon.

On another note, Rohrig says all contact tracing for Dickinson county is now being done by the state of Iowa and the National Guard...Test Iowa03 

"So as of Friday morning as of 8:00 am we did not have the capacity here at local public health and we asked the state to help us and right now it's between the National Guard and different staff at IDPH that are doing the contact tracing, calling people and finding out who else they've come in contact with as well."

Meanwhile, Rohrig says he expects the number of positive to cases locally to continue to climb in coming days.