Terril Quasquicentennial Celebration still on for now

Mon 5-18-2020 Terril, IA

(Terril)-So far, The Terril “Quasi” is still on, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

 Terril Quasquicentennial Celebration still on for now 

The Terril Quasquicentennial is slated for August 7th through the 9th.

Pat Fairchild with the Terril Fun days Committee says at this point, the celebration is still scheduled, however a final decision will be made in a couple of weeks.  "Right now we're planning everything as if the Terril Quasi will go on as planned from August 7th through the 9th, but in light of everything going on with COVID-19, we understand the importance and we want to act prudently, as well.  So, the committee is meeting next month on June 10th, and we're going to make a final decision as far as, yes, we will be still having the Terril Quasi on the given dates, or if we need to postpone it to later in the year or even postpone it another year.  So, I guess it would be Terril's 126th birthday if we postpone it one year."

 He notes that the Terril All-School Reunion is also scheduled for that weekend.

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