Terril Quasquicentennial Celebration postponed to 2021

Thu 6-11-2020 Terril, IA

(Terril)-The Terril Quasi Celebration has been postponed for this year, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Terril Quasi Celebration Postponed to 2021 

The Terril Quasquicentennial Celebration scheduled for early August has now been postponed.

Patrick Fairchild with the Terrill Fun Days Committee explains.  "Just with the uncertain times and COVID-19, we had our meeting and made the decision to postpone the Terril Quasi.  So, this year there will not be any events, but we're already planning, we'll call it a Quasi plus One event next year, and the dates for that are July 30th through August 1st of 2021.   So that will really replace our quasquicentennial that we had planned for this year.  So all the events will go on that we had planned included the Terril All-School Reunion that we were scheduled to have this year but that will also now be postponed until next year."

He adds that they are having a fundraising raffle through Labor Day Weekend.  "Over the next few months, on Labor Day, we're actually going to be having a raffle and we'll be doing a drawing.  We are selling tickets right now, $20 raffle tickets for your chance to win 3 cash awards."

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