Teresa Alesch to Launch New Book "Broken To Brave" November 17 in Emmetsburg

Thu 11-16-2017

(Emmetsburg)-An Emmetsburg woman will launch her new book Friday evening, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Teresa Alesch to Launch New Book "Broken To Brave" November 17 in Emmetsburg 

Teresa Alesch of Emmetsburg has battled cancer, loss and depression, and has emerged from her struggles with a new book called Broken to Brave.

Alesch says the book is intended to inspire others.  "This book is for caregivers, it's for medical providers, it's for those people that have some sort of adversity in their life that need that inspiration to rise above and to get out of their past, stop worrying about the future, to live in the present, because when we're in the present, we enjoy life."

She adds that a book launch will be held on Friday evening.  "For those who are interested and might think about going to the book launch, if you tack on 'braveradio' at the end of, I've got a drawing there for people when they submit, and they can actually see the first 25 pages of the book.  So, you don't have to go buy the book and then think, oh boy, this wasn't for me, you can actually get started on that book."

The Book Launch will be held from 5-7 pm Friday at The Shores at Five Island in Emmetsburg.

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