Temperatures Are Finally Above Freezing But There Are Travel Issues Today (Monday)

Mon 2-22-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- Temperatures have finally warmed above freezing but that doesn't mean there aren't travel issues. 

A gusty southwest wind has been causing issues in some areas with snow blowing and sticking to the road pavement, then melting and re-freezing. It's resulted in roads in some areas becoming completely snow and ice covered. 

One such problem area is on Highway 71 north of the Jackson Y. The road in that area was blocked late this (Monday) morning when a semi tractor-trailer jack knifed. Traffic was being routed around the scene. No injuries were reported, however the Superior Fire Department was called to the scene due to a puncture in the rig's fuel tank. The highway was re-opened a little after 1:00 pm.

Road conditions are expected to improve as temperatures warm further, which should prevent the snow from blowing any more.