Support Campaign Underway To Assist Camp Foster YMCA

Mon 5-18-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- As we reported last week, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Camp Foster to cancel its overnight camping programs for this upcoming summer. While they're still planning to offer day camps as of now, Josh Carr, Camp Foster Executive Director, says even those sessions are going to be quite a bit different now than in the past...Josh Carr04 

"Pretty much the typical things you've been hearing. If you haven't heard much about that a lot of it has to with washing hands, keeping kids distanced,. You know, camp is a wonderful time to bring your families and your parents and all of the rest of your siblings, but we're not going to want people showing up with their whole family at check in and check out. Our staff will be wearing masks and stuff like that, especially during the check in, check out times. Not intermingling in groups, keeping them separated, which we have 214 beautiful acres out here that will be much easier to do with a hundred kids versus like 350 kids."

Carr says the decision to cancel the overnight sessions for this upcoming summer comes at two costs: the first is the disappointment in the kids that had signed up for those sessions. The other is the financial implications it will have on Camp Foster...Josh Carr05 

"It's very difficult, it's very difficult some times and tempting to make an improper decision, but I think if you really check around and you really just use your resources people are going to understand, people are going to support you and people are going to back you if you make the right and healthy decision, so. We appreciate all the support we've had for many, many years and we look forward to working with families in the future."

An online fundraising effort has been started to assist Camp Foster YMCA: Donations may also be made by going to or by contacting Cindy Rosa, Director of Member Engagement and Development at or 712-336-9622. You can also text “Save Camp” to 712-201-0902 to donate. Camp Foster YMCA is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization and all donations will be tax deductible.