Superintendent & Administrators Of SL Community School District Taking Voluntary Pay Freezes

Mon 5-11-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Superintendent and administrators of the Spirit Lake Community School District will be taking voluntary pay freezes in the upcoming fiscal year. Superintendent Dr. David Smith made the announcement at Monday evening's School Board meeting, citing financial concerns from the COVID-19 pandemic...Dr. Smith & Pay Freeze 

"I think we all know our community is hurting. People are being laid off, they're furloughed. Some people have lost their jobs permanently. Businesses are getting hit hard. Some will be impacted permanently in a negative way and I don't think it's over yet with the state tax revenues down, probably at historic levels, so burning through some of the reserves. School funding is uncertain for next year. We have, I think there's more talk about across the board cuts of some type are possible. We are on the budget guarantee because we had declining enrollment last year. We are unsure, uncertain, on how COVID will impact our businesses, our families and how that will impact our student enrollment as well." 

School Board President Teresa Beck expressed her gratitude to Dr. Smith and the administrators for taking the action...Beck & Pay Freeze 

"There's just a lot of uncertainty with our funding, with property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, and a little bit of the tricky part is this didn't start until mid way through the second quarter. A lot of those statistics are quarterly reports so we won't know until, you know, maybe a couple, three more months the true impact of this, because the first half of the second quarter were really good and normal for a lot of things and so it just will be interesting. I think we need to be real diligent and watch everything really closely and hope for the best. It means a lot to me that you're doing that, thinking of the district. I think we're in a good spot but as we know it can go fast. Our balance is in a good place and tough decisions to get there, but we just have to be diligent."

Dr. Smith added he is grateful to the board for supporting him and administrators during the good times and that this is their way to give back to the district in a challenging time.