Sudden Increase In Volume Has City Of Orleans Re-Evaluating A Recycling Agreement With Dickinson County

Tue 1-12-2021

(Orleans)-- The city of Orleans is re-visiting an agreement it has with Dickinson county regarding a recycling drop-off site the city operates. It's been in place since late last summer. It allows the city to receive a financial subsidy from the county, in exchange for allowing those who live in unincorporated areas to drop off their recycling at the site. Orleans Mayor Bill Maas tells KUOO news they've seen a substantial increase in volume of the material being dropped off there, which lead to the discussion at Monday's city council meeting...Orleans Recycling01 

"It has become more of a problem than we anticipated to begin with, and so therefore we're going to talk to the county which has expressed a desire to make sure that this continues. We are going to approach them for a little more subsidy to, so we break at least even, and to do a trial period of five or six months and re-evaluate at that end of period of time."

Maas says he's optimistic they'll be able to reach a new agreement with the county...Orleans Recycling02 

"Well I don't think we'll really have a problem with the county. I think that they're a bunch of good individuals that want to see this continue and want to see these services continue. I think the problem lies in the fact that if it's financially feasible to go this way or if it would be a possibility for the city of Orleans to eventually go to curbside recycling."

In the meantime, Maas says the city of Orleans is requesting those who use the site to be considerate and not just dump things there in piles if the bins are full.