Students At One Area Elementary School Chipping To Help Kids In The Hospital

Wed 2-6-2019

(Emmetsburg)-- Some students at West Elementary School in Emmetsburg are doing their part to help out kids in the hospital.

Principal Joe Carter:  Joe Carter 

"We have The Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive going on at West Elementary. Mrs. Jensen, one of our Kindergarten teachers, started this a few years back where we collect pajamas as well as books for children and then we deliver those to a hospital, whether in Emmetsburg, or even some of the nearby hospitals such as Mason City and Sioux Falls as well. So it's a great experience for our kids to give back and think about others and we collect hundreds of pajamas every year and are really excited about the opportunity that our kids have to think about other people." 

Carter says they're also accepting donations from people in surrounding communities. More information is available by contacting West Elementary in Emmetsburg.