Street/Pothole Repairs Getting Underway In Spirit Lake

Wed 5-15-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- The ride on some side streets in Spirit Lake should be getting smoother in coming days. City Attorney/Administrator Gregg Owens told the city council Tuesday evening hot mix asphalt is now available in the region and that's allowed city crews to get started on filling potholes...Street Repairs01 

"They're going to start on that this week and once they get started on that they're going to keep on it until that gets done, assuming they don't have anything else that gets in the way and that would be weather-related if it did."

Owens also addressed the poor condition of 165th Street west of Ferguson's. He says conditions finally dried out enough to allow city crews to go over it with a grader...Street Repairs02 

"And so they were finally able to get that machine out there and did some smoothing out and the county's helped us find some crushed concrete that's going to get smoothed over the best that it can, and that will await for a lack of a better term a more permanent, temporary fix until the road repairs and pothole situation has been taken care of."

Officials have said this previous winter and spring have been the worst for roads in some 25 years or so.