Still Time To Register For ISU Extension & Outreach Master Gardener Program

Thu 4-15-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- There's still time to sign up for the Master Gardener program through ISU Extension and Outreach, Dickinson County. Office Assistant Amy Benge says they're accepting registrations until July 15th for the program that will be starting August 1st...Benge01 

"There's 17 different modules that they go over and learn about all things plants, flowers, garden-related. And then they do a ton of projects in the area. There's some volunteer hours that go along with that. Last year they, through the donation gardens at two locations, the community gardens and Camp Foster they donated over 1,600 pounds of fresh produce to the local food banks."

On another note, Benge says a new offering being made available through ISU Extension and Outreach is the Master Conservationist Program...Benge02 

"We're hoping for an August and September kind of start date. We will be working with some of the Conservation Boards and different local areas and it's just great because, you know, we want to preserve the area. We have such a beautiful area with our lakes and the land, so we want to get people interested and learn more about that."

Benge says more information on that will be forthcoming in the next month or so.