Stay At Home Order In Minnesota To Expire Monday, But Some Restrictions Will Remain In Place

Thu 5-14-2020

(St. Paul, Mn.)-- Gov. Tim Walz says he will let his stay-at-home order expire as scheduled Monday, though he’ll leave key restrictions in place to keep up Minnesota’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic…Walz01 

“When the Stay Home order ends on May 18, we are replacing it with a new order that brings back more of the social interactions that are so important in life but that still asks Minnesotans to Stay Safe. Stay Safe MN will still ask people to stay close to home and limit travel to what’s essential. But we can now gather with friends and family in groups of less than 10.”

Walz said his new order brings back some of the social interactions “that are so important in life.” While the stay-at-home order will expire, the changes amount to only a gradual relaxation of the state’s restrictions…Walz02 (1) 

“Starting May 18, we are turning the workplace dial. Non-critical businesses, like retail stores and main street businesses, can reopen if they have a safety plan and can operate at no more than 50 percent occupancy. Small businesses are critical to the social and economic fabric of communities across Minnesota. I recognize how hard this pandemic has been on them, and I hope this action charts a safe, prosperous path forward.”

Bars, restaurants, and other places where people gather in large numbers won’t be allowed to reopen for business as usual just yet. But gatherings of 10 people or fewer such as family celebrations will be allowed. 

(Courtesy Community First Broadcasting station KKOJ in Jackson, Mn.)