State Representative John Wills Says Legislature May Consider Bike Light Bill

Tue 1-24-2017

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - A northwest Iowa man who hit five cyclists without bike lights several years ago is now pushing for stricter bike laws.

Daryl Hasche hit five teenage girls with his motorcycle while riding in the dark five years ago. The cyclists were riding side by side, and didn't have any lights on their bikes. Now, he shares the story of the accident in order to encourage cyclists to use bike lamps and to call attention to the topic for Iowa lawmakers.

Republican Rep. John Wills of Spirit Lake says a bill requiring flashing rear-facing lights on bicycles between sunset and sunrise could be introduced through the Iowa House Transportation Committee this session. But, he says the bill's language has not yet been finalized.

Currently, state law only requires a bicycle to have a front-lighted lamp.