State Patrol to Conduct Special Enforcement During Winter Games

Tue 1-24-2017

(Spirit Lake)-- The Iowa State Patrol will be putting on a special enforcement project in the Iowa Great Lakes during Winter Games. Trooper Vince Kurtz is with the Patrol's Post 6 office in Spencer...Kurtz01

"There will be extra troopers out that will be on overtime money provided through the federal government. We will be looking for all violations and especially when you start to think about any plans that involve alcohol at the games. We want people to enjoy themselves but do so responsibly. Make sure that if your plans do include alcohol to plan ahead for a designated driver to get home safely then after that."

There are also several taxi services available in the area.

Kurtz says the special enforcement is one tool they're using to help address an issue with increased fatalities on the roads...Kurtz02 

"The total fatality number last year was considerably higher than the previous year. The State Patrol will be addressing that through a number of different items that we can control in that regard and this is one of those."

Kurtz adds studies show the special enforcement efforts do make a difference.