State Of Iowa Reporting More Than 5,000 New Cases Of Covid For Previous 24 Hrs. Ending At 10:00 AM This (Fri.) Morning

Fri 11-13-2020

(Des Moines)-- Iowa has set yet another daily record for coronavirus infections.

The Department of Public Health is reporting 5,065 new confirmed cases for the previous 24 hours ending at 10:00 am this (Fri.) morning with 19 additional deaths related to the virus. The state's death toll is now at 1,947.

Hospitalizations also continue to set daily records, at 1,227. Of those, 215 are in intensive care units and 101 are on ventilators. Data in the report indicates 70 percent of those currently hospitalized due to the virus are age 60 and over.

Dickinson county today (Fri.) reported 26 new cases; Clay county had 25.