State Of Iowa Launching A Tracking And Reporting System For Sexual Assault Evidence Kits

Tue 11-12-2019

(Des Moines)-- A tracking and reporting system for sexual assault evidence kits is being launched in the state of Iowa. Officials say it will provide transparent status updates to survivors of rape as well as law enforcement and medical professionals.

The Iowa Attorney General's Crime Victim Assistance Division has selected a DNA sample-tracking software company to develop the system, which will be rolled out to all regions of the state by July 1st, 2020.

The software will follow the rape kits from the time each one is distributed to a medical facility for use in an exam until the case receives final disposition. Officials say the system will connect more than 1,200 users at medical facilities, law enforcement agencies, crime laboratories and county attorney’s offices.

Sexual assault survivors will also receive confidential information on the status and location of the kit as well as resources and contact information. Survivors will have the option of contacting law enforcement if they change their decision to participate in an investigation.