****BREAKING NEWS**** First Confirmed Case Of COVID-19 Reported In Dickinson County

Thu 3-26-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Public health officials this (Thursday)afternoon are reporting the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Dickinson county. 

Not much information into the case was being released by officials. They only say the person is a man between 61 and 80 years of age and that he's in isolation and is being treated.

Brandon Rohrig of Dickinson County Public Health told KUOO news they aren't sure yet if this was a case of local spread or if the person had traveled recently...Rohrig01 (1) 

"I am not able to make that determination right now. I know I have sent information to the Iowa Department of Public Health and they will decide that. At this point I can say the case is isolated at this time and that's about the extent I can share right now."

Rohrig says now with the first confirmed case here locally, it drives home the point even more about taking the necessary precautions...Rohrig02 (1) 

"I know I've mentioned it a couple of times already, but social distancing is so incredibly important at this point. Please listen to the words of public health and the state; please listen to the Governor. Stay at home if at all possible. This is not a time to hang out with friends, hang out with other people. We need to isolate, stay safe and stay healthy."

Rohrig adds he's confident local healthcare providers are ready for what's to come...Rohrig03 

"I can tell you we've been meeting now for multiple weeks planning, preparing, getting ready for this. We knew it was coming and it was just a matter of when. We'll continue our meetings, continue preparing and responding to our incident at this point."

Earlier today (Thursday) the Iowa Department of Public Health reported an additional 34 cases of COVID-19 in the state, bringing the total since the outbreak started to 179 cases. There have been a total of 2,975 negative tests to date, which includes testing by the State Hygienic Lab and other labs.