Sprit Lake Officials Remind Property Owners of Building Permit Requirements

Mon 12-19-2016

(Spirit Lake)-- Thinking about doing some remodeling or construction in the interior of your home during the winter? If you are, you may want to check with your local city officials to see whether or not a building permit is required.

Clyde Ihrke, code enforcement officer for the city of Spirit Lake, says in Spirit Lake whether or not a permit is required depends on the value of the project...Building Permits01 

"What we base it on is the valuation of your project. If you are $5,000 or less, chances are you may not need that building permit. But if you're $5,000 or more and you remodel, you're going to need a permit, whether it's inside, whether it requires zoning, whether it requires any kind of exterior remodel or not, you need a building permit so. The trigger is the valuation, the $5,000. If you have questions, call me. I'll help you out with it."

Ihrke says the process of getting a building permit is relatively easy...Building Permits02 

"What you're going to have to do is you get a form from the city hall, it's going to be a permit form. There is probably going to be about, I'm going to say 7 to 11 line items that you have to fill out, describe what you're doing. Once that's filled out with the valuation on it, bring that in with maybe a floor plan of what you're doing on the inside or a plat plan if you're doing something that requires zoning on the outside. It's got to show your lot, how far away from the lot line you are, how far away you are from other structures, how much you're going to add on, things like that. I'll look at that and evaluate it and issue the building permit based on that."

Ihrke says the fine for constructing something that requires a building permit is twice the amount of what the permit would cost.

Ihrke adds that having a permit on record can actually help increase the value of your home, as it actually documents the improvements that were made.