Spring Planting Outlook is Good following recent Warm Temperatures and Several Days of Rain

Thu 4-8-2021 Lakefield,Mn

(Lakefield, MN)-Recent warm temperatures followed by widespread rain have created good planting conditions for area producers.

Agronomist Jim Nesseth with Extended Ag Services in Lakefield explains:

Jim Nesseth on planting early cut 1  

"It's really shaping up quite nicely.  Obviously, we're enjoying this rain that we're getting right now, but prior to that, we had some producers that have been out applying some anhydrous, doing some tilling and the soil is working up really nicely, and I think making a really good seed bed.  We have had a few of our producers that have tried a little planting, so there's a little bit of corn in the ground as of this date, and I think that's fine.  It's a little bit on the earlier side."

He added that soil temperatures have been warming in the past week.  "I just checked with Lamberton Experiment Station up there at the University of Minnesota this morning, and as of this morning, the soil temps at a 2" depth were at 61 degrees and the low was 51, and at the 4" depth, it was 58 and 51.  So, when you have some warm days in the 70s and the 80s like we had prior to this, you're going to get some nice warm up in the soils, and if we can get average around that 50 degrees or above , the soil temperature is good.  I have my 3 criteria for planting.  If soil temperatures warming up and the field conditions are good and the calendar date says go, if you can get 2 out of 3 there, I think it's pretty sweet to plant.  The sweet spot for corn is probably that middle of April to the 2nd and 3rd week in April, and soybeans, it's probably the last week of April, first week of May.  So, if we can get those early planting dates, that really helps as far as, the data says, that's where you'll get your highest yields."

Nesseth made the comments on Wednesday, April 7.

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