Spirit Lake School Board Reviews Schematic Plans For New Early Childhood Center & Other Facility Improvements

Fri 2-14-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Spirit Lake School Board Thursday evening reviewed schematic plans and renderings for several upcoming construction projects. Superintendent Dr. David Smith says the primary one is for a new early childhood education facility at the Elementary building...Dr. Smith01 

"We need additional classroom space and so the board charged us in the fall with looking into some design and we're all the way into the bid process so we're really excited to get out and get some bids and additional five classrooms and some new office space, new entry space, new look to the front of the Elementary Early Childhood Center, which is really exciting. Along with that we would have additional parking and quite a different flow in that elementary and middle school. If you're a parent in our district picking up a student or dropping off a student you know what I'm talking about. We really put a lot of thought into the way we should have the flow work, closing up a couple of entrances and exits and adding some space and adding some additional parking near the Sami Center and we really think that we can alleviate a lot of the traffic after school."

Dr. Smith says they're hoping bids will come in somewhere in the range of 5.5 million and 6 million dollars...Dr. Smith02 

"We also have the new addition to the middle school. We'll remodel the entrance area and the commons area and kind of create a bigger, open area like we have in the high shcool which is much needed. Along with the parking, the Early Childhood Center, and even a new bus barn, which we are currently one of the few schools in Iowa that do not have a bus barn and so we'd be adding plenty of space there to accommodate all of our buses and get them inside. Our department does a great job of taking care of them. We've had some perfect inspections and I can't imagine it would be like to park a bus inside and have it heated or atleast be able to plug it in and keep the conditions off of it. So we hope to have the bid process goes out tomorrow, or Monday, and we hope to have them back by early March and be able to make some decisions by mid-March, and construction would start some time as soon as the ground thaws and we'd be able to get access to all the materials and we'd start construction and be done some time before the first of the year."

He says the district will utilize a combination of local option sales tax proceeds and bonding to pay for the projects...Dr. Smith03 

"That all aligns, it won't cost anybody anything extra, so we're excited to be able to do that. We managed our funds pretty well over the years and put ourselves in a good position so I think people will be proud of us for the way we handled the finances."

Dr. Smith says some of the projects have been on the district's radar several years now.