Spirit Lake Public Library to launch Brainfuse HelpNow next week

Wed 9-16-2020 702 16th St,Spirit Lake,IA

(Spirit Lake)-The Spirit Lake Library has announced a new program to help with homework, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Spirit Lake Public Library to launch Brainfuse HelpNow next week 

The Spirit Lake Public Library has announced free homework help and tutoring with the launch of Brainfuse HelpNow.

Director Cindy Davis explains.  "Brainfuse is a program that we currently have and that is a job skill prep course.  So, it will teach people how to use a computer, it will help them with resumes.  It also has a component for Vets, so Veterans can get extra help with it.  So, that is currently in place.  The thing that we are adding on to that is something called Brainfuse HelpNow, and that is a homework help program.  It will give anyone live help so you can interact in a live process with a tutor, and it's basically any subject area.  They also have help with filling out the FASFA, which is the financial aid reports that parents have to do.  We're hoping that it will help a lot with people that are home schooling, people that are brushing up on skills, maybe changing job markets."

She adds that the software will be accessible from anywhere with a library card.  "We will have a link on our website and a link in our library catalog, and you can just click on the link and you will need a library card.  You can do it from anywhere, so you can do it from home, you can do it from anywhere that you're at."

The program is slated to go live next week.

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