Spirit Lake Protective Association to hold Annual Fireworks Display July 3

Mon 6-29-2020 Spirit Lake,IA

(Spirit Lake)-The Fireworks over Big Spirit Lake will be held on Friday night, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Spirit Lake Protective Association to hold Annual Fireworks Display July 3 

The Spirit Lake Protective Association will hold their annual Fireworks display over Big Spirit Lake on July 3.

President Kirk Huisenga says, the Association is encouraging people to practice social distancing during the display.  "We are concerned for people's safety and health so we are going to move the fireworks more toward the center of the lake this year, and part of that was just to spread things out, and the message is, for people to spread out.  Normally we have a lot of people - a thousand, two thousand - I don't know for sure, on the south side.  So, that is a concern for us.  We would love to see people if they can, spread out, wear face masks  and try to get some kind of social distancing if possible."

He notes that the annual Pancake Feed will not be held this year, however he urges people to support the Association and visit their website.  "One way they can be involved is just go to our website.  We just redid our website, too, made it more professional looking, and it's one way you can kind of learn about what we're doing, and then those that like to go on facebook, a facebook page was create a few years ago."

 The Fireworks will begin at 10 o'clock Friday night over Big Spirit Lake.

Hear the full interview:

Interview with Kirk Huisenga about Fireworks 

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NOTE:  The Patriotic Musical Montage that accompanies the Fireworks will be played on Q102 Friday night.

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