Spirit Lake High School 2016 Solo/Ensemble Results

Wed 4-13-2016 []

Congratulations to the student members of the Spirit Lake High School Music Department on their performances at Solo/Ensemble Contest April 2nd. Students traveled to Orange City to perform their vocal and instrumental solos and ensembles for adjudication. Nearly 80 students were involved in a total of 63 entries.

Of the 44 vocal entries students earned: 25 Division I (Superior) Ratings, 17 Division II (Excellent) Ratings, and 2 Division III (Good) Ratings. Of the 19 instrumental entries students earned: 10 Division I (Superior) Ratings and 9 Division II (Excellent) Ratings. Special recognition goes to Lauren Wickham for being selected as the Outstanding Performer for Center 4. In addition, the following students received perfect scores on their performances: Noelle Yost (Vocal Solo), Brittany Lende (Sax Solo), Lauren Laven (Sax Solo), and Brittany Lende and Lauren Laven (Sax Duet).