Spirit Lake Elementary Teachers, Like Others In The Area, Plan To Reach Out To Students In A Special Way

Fri 3-27-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Teachers at the Spirit Lake Elementary School will be reaching out to their students in a special way this coming Monday evening. Principal Kasey Huebner tells KUOO news they'll be doing a parade through the community...Huebner01 

"We're doing it at 5:00 Monday evening. Hopefully parents can get off work and the parade route is posted on our elementary Facebook page. You know we couldn't drive by all students houses so we ask if you want to see it you can park along the route and wave from your vehicle and what not and just try to make those connections."

Huebner says the goal is to show their support to the students...Huebner02 

"It is a fun way to just get those connections and keep those relationships at a high level because we don't know what's next. We don't know if we're going back to school, so we're not sure what it looks like but what we do know is we're in this together and we'll get through it."

Several other schools in the area either have already done similar events or plan to do them in the near future. One such event will be held in the Okoboji School District this (Fri.) evening.