Spirit Lake Community Schools Moving Ahead With Construction Of New Bus Barn

Mon 4-12-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- A project that's been in the pipeline for years for the Spirit Lake Community School District is moving forward. Superintendent Dr. David Smith tells KUOO news the School Board has awarded a bid on the construction of a facility that will house the district's buses...SL Bus Barn01 

"With all the work we did in the elementary, middle school, the addition of the Early Childhood Center, with the revamp of the middle school, we still have funds available and so we're able to apply them to the next important project and that's the bus barn, so. Dean Madigan, Madigan Construction, was awarded the bid. It will cost us close to $725,000 in the end with all of our expenses, roughly around there, so we're just really excited to get moving on it."

Dr. Smith says it will be located just south of the middle school off of Erie Avenue, with construction beginning very soon. Completion is set for this coming September 1st...SL Bus Barn02 

"And right now we're looking at one full, heated, completely insulated shop, and then we're looking at two other buildings kind of more of a cold storage concept to those two where we will have just have a shell of a building and we'll build, as we move forward we'll add insulation, we'll do other things to it to make it complete."

Dr. Smith says the buses are one of the district's most important assets...SL Bus Barn03 

"Bob Kirschbaum has done a terrific job with the maintenance of our buses and he oversee all of it. We literally have had perfect inspections for the last few years with Bob running the show there. So we're really excited to see what else we can do now that we have them covered and some of them heated and we have the building to be able to work on them properly, to kind of have it all in one spot."

Dr. Smith says the project is also important from a safety and security standpoint.