Spirit Lake City Council Hears Concerns Over Southern Glenn Maintenance

Thu 11-10-2016 []

(Spirit Lake)-- The Spirit Lake city council Tuesday heard concern over the appearance of a boulevard in the Southern Glenn Subdivision on the city's south side. City Adminitrator-Attorney Greg Owen addressed some of the issues with a resident of the subdivision, who brought the matter to the council's attention...Southern Glenn01 

"The main issue, I think, other than keeping it nice, which in my opinion the city could do a better job of, and I think you and I agree on that, the main issue I think is going to be those trees. We have some trees that are alive, we have areas there are no trees, we have areas where there are trees that are dying."

Owen says he'll seek approval from the city's Street Committee to send a letter to residents of Southern Glenn asking for their input on ways the city can clean things up in that area...Southern Glenn02 

"Then all of that will be considered at another meeting that I hope to take place before the end of the year. Because some of those fixes out there involve budget, whether it's replacing trees or taking them out or offering them to the neighborhood if we're taking them out kind of thing. We want to have some of that discussed before we begin the budget discussions in January and February, so."

Owen says maintenance of the boulevard is the city's responsibility, not the developer's.