Spirit Lake City Council Approves Water Territory Service Agreement

Tue 5-12-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Spirit Lake City Council Tuesday approved a water service territory agreement with Iowa Lakes Regional Water. City Attorney/Administrator Gregg Owens says it stems from Dickinson county's plans to construct a new road maintenance facility on the east edge of Spirit Lake...Water service agreement 

"It's just an amendment to our current agreement with Iowa Lakes Regional Water. The county is building a new maintenance shed out east of town just immediately south of our industrial park. A water main is there, the capability for them to hook up is there but it's in Iowa Lakes Regional Water's territory so. The county is buying their way out of that, and so this agreement simply adds that legal description to our territory. The county will give us the money that we will pay to Iowa Lakes Regional Water."

In other business, the council approved the payment of a grant for 1605 Hill Avenue under the city's Olde Town Betterment Incentive program, as well as an application for the same program for 1808 Jackson Avenue, or the former Echo Plus building.

The Spirit Lake City Council also set May 26th as the date for a public hearing on a budget amendment.