Spirit Lake City Council Approves New Recycling Contract

Wed 12-11-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- Another lakes area city is doing away with its public recycling drop-off site. The Spirit Lake City Council last (Tues.) evening approved a new contract for recycling pickup with Shamrock Recyling of Emmetsburg. City Attorney/Administrator Gregg Owens says it's a nine month extension of an original contract that was due to expire at the end of the year. He says it will result in a savings to the city of a little more than $40,000 a year. Owens says that's due to one factor in particular...SL Recycling01 

"One of the reasons for that decrease is that we won't be maintaining plastic or tin receptacles at the city street garage any more. We will maintain cardboard containers, that's part of the agreement with Shamrock and that's something that people really need to have done out there. But as far as the plastic and the tin at that kind of stuff goes, our residents have the containers. We'll just need to make sure those are getting out to the curb like they're supposed to be."

The new contract goes into effect this coming January 1st. Owens says the city is aware that's pretty short notice to those who are using the public drop-off...SL Recycling02 

"We're going to start doing the best we can to get the word out. Like I said, we'd been approached by the county to kind of hold off making any decisions on that, even as early as last spring, and they finally made a decision in early November so we acted as quickly as we could."

Spirit Lake residents will be receiving information in the mail on or before December 20 with reminders about dates and procedures for curbside recycling for the benefit of those who have chosen to deliver it personally to the facility.

The county has plans to establish it's own public drop-off sites, but those locations are yet to be determined.