Spirit Lake City Council Adopts Food Truck Ordinance

Tue 6-23-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Spirit Lake City Council Tuesday evening gave final approval to an ordinance regulating food trucks in the city. As we have reported previously it establishes a permitting process and spells out where in the city they can be operated. That includes areas zoned commercial, industrial or agricultural. The ordinance becomes final upon publication which is expected to happen in the next week or so. The council voted unanimously to waive the second and third readings and to adopt the ordinance after learning there had been no verbal or written opposition to it.

The council also Tuesday voted to enter into a contract with a firm to provide security upgrades to the city's water treatment plant, water towers, pump house, city hall, and public works facility. City Attorney-Administrator Gregg Owens told the council it stems from a recommendation from the Iowa Community Assurance Pool, or ICAP, the city's insurance carrier...Security Contract 

"We got proposals for various, you know, camera systems, keyed, or I should say carded entry so the entrances are secured; the same for the water towers so we have some, if you want to call it surveillance, with respect to that. And as long as we were doing that we also asked them to take a look at other facilities as well which are a minor part of the contract."

In other business, the Spirit Lake City Council awarded a bid to repair some leaks in the roof of the library.