Spencer YMCA Continues To Offer Childcare Services

Thu 3-19-2020

(Spencer)-- While YMCA's and all similar facilities are shut down due to COVID-19 concerns, Megan (mee-gun) Whitaker of the Spencer YMCA says childcare operations there are continuing...Megan Whitaker01 

"You know I've had a few comments about that. You know, they're shutting down schools. Why are you doing this? Well, someone has to provide care for the children of essential personnel: doctors, nurses, first responders. Many of our children belong to those families so our childcare is still open. We are not full. We are keeping the kids in groups smaller than ten, keeping those groups separated in different areas of the building because they have the whole building."

Meanwhile, Whitaker says the staff remains busy with plenty to do...Megan Whitaker02 

"We're draining and cleaning pools, re-doing walls, waxing floors. You know for those of us who are a little more administrative, you know, doing all those things you don't get a chance to do. Organizing files, planning future marketing events, etcetera etcetera. So we would like to keep all of our staff employed."

When it comes to membership, Whitaker says they hope they'll hang in there for the long haul...Megan Whitaker03 

"We also think that our members are cause-driven people. So we're hoping that they will not cancel their memberships. We can give them a tax receipt. This is seen as a donation by the federal government, so we're hoping while we ride this out that they will stick with us so that we can continue to employ all of our employees."

Whitaker adds the programs that were suspended upon the closure will resume where they left off once things are back up and running...Megan Whitaker04 

"When we open back up, hopefully sooner than later, we will resume Winter Two, even if it's in May, or April, we'll finish those two weeks then we'll begin our spring session and subsequently begin summer. So that means noone's classes will be canceled, and also dance classes, dance recital, that will all be made up and backed up, gymnastics, so everyone that has questions about those, I hope that answers that. You know if it didn't answer your question, you know I'm at work, give me a call. 262-3782. I can help you with all of those questions about membership and programming."

Whitaker says you can follow them on social media to see what they're doing at the facility in the interim.