Spencer, Storm Lake Schools Form Ambassador Program In Effort To Decrease Tensions Between The Two Schools

Tue 11-14-2017

(Storm Lake)-- An ambassador program has been formed by the Storm Lake and Spencer High Schools to help deal with tensions that have developed during sports competitions. 

Storm Lake High School Principal Beau Ruleaux says a group of Spencer students and Principal Elli Wiemers spent a day at Storm Lake High School, which he hopes will bring awareness and acceptance between the two schools in light of tensions that have taken place during ball games...Ruleaux01 

"We really had a frank conversation about why there is and we all accepted that it's good to have real big rivals in competition, and that's fine when they're on the court and on the field to compete as hard as you can, but, you know, it doesn't have to spill over into the other attack."

Ruleaux says he got the idea of getting students from the two schools together after an incident during the Storm Lake-Spencer football game this fall...Ruleaux02 

"It's been building up. Not only from that football game, but we always have problems and soccer matches, basketball games, so. I was just sitting at home thinking about things and came up with the idea."

On Friday, Ruleaux and some Storm Lake students will go to Spencer to continue trying to ease some of the tensions.

(Story courtesy Joel Herman of Community First Broadcasting station KAYL in Storm Lake).