Spencer Schools See Benefits Of Teacher Leadership And Compensation Program

Tue 4-12-2016 []

(Spencer)-- The Teacher Leadership and Compensation program is wrapping up its first year in the Spencer Community School District. And district officials say they're already starting to see results.

The program rewards effective teachers with leadership opportunities and higher pay. Superintendent Terry Heman says one of the goals is attract new teachers and provide them with guidance...TLC Program01 

Governor Terry Branstad was on hand for a special event Monday recognizing the program. He says the program gives teachers more of a role in improving education...TLC Program02 

Under TLC, Spencer Community Schools have curriculum and instructional leaders, instructional mentor coaches and teacher leaders who are full time teachers.

Heman says he hopes to see even more dialogue among teachers in the program in the future.

Spencer Community Schools started the TLC program the second year it was implemented statewide.

(Story courtesy news partner, KTIV)