Spencer Schools Host Meeting To Discuss Elementary Space Needs

Thu 5-16-2019

(Spencer)-- Space needs at Spencer's elementary schools were a topic of discussion at a public informational meeting earlier this week. Superintendent Terry Hemann says the meeting addressed several options to address the matter...Hemann 

"We're looking at to free up some space at Johnson Elementary taking first grade out of Johnson and moving first grade over to Fairview. That will leave Johnson with adequate space for the pre-school programs, our Kinder Kid programs and Kindergarten. And then at Fairview we'll be adding a few classrooms and possibly a lunch room. We'll have a separate lunch room and gym which will help for scheduling. So adding a few classrooms at Fairview and moving first grade over to Fairview and then we'd be moving third grade out of Fairview over to Lincoln. So Fairview would become a grades one and two building; Lincoln would then become a three, four and five building which means we'll add on at that building too, at Lincoln. Our goal is to really have class sizes that are adequate, manageable. For grades K-three we want to be at 20 or under in a classroom. That's what we're trying to address." 

Hemann thanks those who attended the meeting and provided input and asked questions.