Spencer Police Dept. Gearing Up For Annual Drug Prevention 5K Run-Walk

Wed 7-12-2017

(Spencer)-- The Spencer Police Department is gearing up for its 4th annual Drug Prevention 5K run-walk to be held August 5th at 8:00 am at West Leach Park in Spencer. The registration fee is $20 for adults; $10 for kids, who can ride their bikes on the route. Lieutennant Kyle Van Otterloo of the Spencer Police Department says the proceeds go to fund an annual trip to Arnolds Park for a day of fun each spring for graduates of the DARE program...Van Otterloo01 

"The deadline, and you can't call it a deadline, but to get your shirt the day of the event is going to be July 20th which is next week Thursday. That guarantees your t-shirt there that day. The one thing we really push though, because I've done enough 5K's in my lifetime is that if you don't meet the deadline the chance of getting a t-shirt are slim to none. And that's always kind of a fun part of the run. I guarantee that even if you don't meet the deadline you will get a t-shirt, it will just be at a later time. Typically if you live in the area I'm able to deliver it to you, otherwise I try to make a phone call saying your shirt's in, swing down to the Police Department and pick it up."

Van Otterloo says the number of participants in the event has grown each year...Van Otterloo02 

"Four years ago I think we had 99 people participate. Last year we had 166. I want to push, we have a community that definitely supports our kids. I also let people know we're not raising money for tactical stuff for us, vehicles for us. This is truly going back to the community and to the kids here. And it is super cool to see after 16 years of being on this department, this community supports our kids. So I'm going to be honest. My goal is 200 this year."

You can sign up and get more information by calling the Spencer Police Department at 262-2151.

Again July 20th is the deadling to register if you want a t-shirt the day of the event.