Spencer Officials Find 51 Unvaccinated Cats In A One Bedroom Apartment Said To Be In Deplorable Condition

Fri 6-7-2019

(Spencer)-- Authorities in Spencer Wednesday found 51 unvaccinated cats in a one bedroom apartment after executing a search warrant at 106 West 1st Street, apartment A. 

Spencer police and zoning officials say the warrant was obtained after they received a report of a number of animals being kept at the residence along with a large amount of both cat and human feces. Veterinarians were brought to the residence and deemed the animals as threatened. 

Officers impounded the cats while a team of veterinarians provided the necessary vaccinations, treated them for parasites and oversaw the general care of the animals. 

Spencer zoning officials have declared the residence uninhabitable until the property is brought back into compliance.

Authorities say the investigation is ongoing and charges will likely be filed.