Spencer Main Street Chili Quest & Beer Fest Coming Up Thursday (March 5th)

Wed 3-4-2020

(Spencer)-- There's still time to sign up for a special event that will be going on Thursday (March 5th) evening in downtown Spencer. Nancy Naeve of Spencer Main Street says the 3rd annual Chili Quest and Beer Fest will be going on from 5:00 until 7:00 pm. She says you can still pre-register yet today (Wednesday)...Nancy Naeve 

"Everybody will come to Arts On Grand, you'll check in. If you've already paid we'll check you off, we'll get you a beer mug that you get to keep and then we assign you eight different places that you'll go and you an pick two extras of your choice and you'll get to go to 10 places. You'll get chili and beer at each one. And a bonus this year is the Iowa Project Brewing Company which is going to be a brew pub and tamp room in downtown Spencer, they're not opening until the end of May, they are going to give everyone a little bonus preview of their beer at Arts On Grand, our headquarters, Thursday night."

Cost is $10 per person which includes a mug if you sign up yet today (Wed.). Otherwise the cost Thursday evening will be $15 per person. you can sign up by visiting Spencer Main Street's Facebook page or at their website, spencermainstreet-dot-com.