Spencer Hospital Has New Slogan

Fri 11-18-2016 []

(Spencer)-- A local hospital has a new tag line. Suzan Zulk, VP of Marketing and Fund Development tells KUOO news Spencer Hospital's new slogan is “Spencer Hospital-Healthier Together”...Zulk01 

"We really wanted to focus on the message that together we're working to be healthier and that it's a personal responsibility as well as healthcare providers are responsible to work with our community to help reach optimal health. And so we did go through a process and went through some brainstorming and several variations but it really happened pretty quickly."

Zulk says the slogan also reflects a desire of the hospital for the public to utilize the various wellness programs it has available...Zulk02 

"Healthcare is a journey and it starts with prevention. We have a responsibility for that, but also we need that knowledge and so that's where healthcare professionals one on one with our physicians but also working with our educational programs. We really encourage people to know their numbers, to come in to get screened. A lot of disease can happen over a period of time when you're feeling quite healthy. So we want people to know what their cholesterol numbers are, what their tryglicirides are, what their blood pressure is. And so we have programs such as our Live Well programming, Planet Heart, which is both a heart check and a stroke check that we offer, diabetes education for some management of chronic diseases, our metabolic symptom screening, so there's a number of things that we are doing to help provide our community members with information they need to help them be healthier."

Zulk adds Spencer Hospital is working with area businesses encouraging their employees to take advantage of those wellness programs through a program known as “LiveWell”.