Spencer High School to present Fall Production "Upstaged by a Pandemic" November 6-8

Tue 11-3-2020 800 E 3rd St, Spencer, IA

(Spencer)-Spencer High School will hold their Fall Production this weekend, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Spencer High School to present Fall Production "Upstaged by a Pandemic" November 6-8 

The Spencer High School Drama Department will perform their fall production “Upstaged by a Pandemic" Friday through Sunday.

Drama Director Katie Kardel says the show required some creative thinking.  "We have a big, beautiful auditorium, a big stage, that if we could have control over some of the content of our show, we could select things that allowed for socially distant blocking.  So, we gathered the kids together, said we don't know what the final product's going to look like, but it's going to be fun, come and join us.  I had about 50 kids audition, and we used almost everybody.  We have our singing and acting ensemble, we have a group of writers that have written some of the scenes and selections from the show, we have a poetry and prose group, and then we have a movement group that a lot of the dance and such comes out of."

She notes that the the performances can be viewed in person or online.  "We are selling tickets to be in person for 1/3 capacity of our auditorium, so that means we have 250 seats available.  Our audience will be masked as will the performers, and then we also have a live stream option of all 3 performances, and links to buy tickets to that are on our facebook page, SHS Theatre."

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Showtimes are as follows:

November 6 - 7:30 pm

November 7 - 7:30 pm

November 8 - 2:00 pm