Spencer City Council Votes 4-1 To Approve Jobs Trust Expenditure On Renovations To An Apartment Complex

Tue 2-2-2021

(Spencer)-- The Spencer City Council Monday evening approved a contribution of $45,000 from the Spencer Jobs Trust to help fund renovations at an apartment complex in the city. The action drew concern from councilman Ron Hanson over the possibility of a precedence being set...Jobs Trust Concern01 

"Who's going to come down the line next and ask for, I mean we're really opening it up to other entities in town coming to the Jobs Trust. I really just felt that Jobs Trust was there just to create jobs. I mean that was always my criteria. They ran the Housing Initiative but they were just a facilitator, they were just handing out the money and stuff. We had to have somebody to facilitate it but they didn't really vote on who got the money here. I would have really rather seen this maybe come up as a council."

Councilman Bill Orrison is the city's liaison on the Jobs Trust. He responded by saying the Jobs Trust Board took those concerns into consideration...Jobs Trust Concern01 

"It really came down to part of bringing jobs to town is housing. And if we can improve this, the housing structure, I think that adds to it."

The council approved the Jobs Trust expenditure on a four-to-one vote, with Hanson voting no.