Spencer City Council Gives Final Approval To Ordinance Revisions On ATV's/Golf Carts; Authorizes Study Into Sanitary Sewer & Solid Waste Rates

Tue 5-19-2020

(Spencer)-- The Spencer City Council Monday evening gave final approval to ordinance revisions allowing the use of all terrain vehicles and golf carts on city streets. The council voted unanimously to approve both revisions, to be effective May 27, 2020. ATV's and golf carts will still be prohibited from being operated on state highways.

The council also authorized a study into sanitary sewer and solid waste rates. Brian Weuve of the City of Spencer said the study will look at current revenues and upcoming needs and how they'll be funded...Weuve 

"It's an in-depth of giving them our information both budgeted and past financials and customer accounts and see okay, how can we rate these based on, you know, so many customers, the tonnage that's coming across the scale at the transfer station that we've been keeping track of the last year on the solid waste side and how do we delve that out to make sure that, you know, our rates that we're charging each class are fair and equitable or are we putting the burden on maybe one class over the other or whatever. That's what the whole study's designed to do is look at our costs in total and then figure out the rate structure to support that."

The Spencer City Council also approved an agreement with the Historic Preservation Commission and a private firm to establish design guidelines for the historic downtown district. Councilman Ron Hanson said he's concerned over the potential of putting additional restrictions on downtown business owners.

The council also approved a phased re-opening of city facilities, with the exception of the aquatics center which remains closed in compliance with a proclamation by the Governor. The city campground will re-open this Friday, with every other campsite being closed. Restrooms, shower facilities and shelter houses will continue to be closed. The city's basketball courts will remain closed. Spencer City Hall will open June 1st with a limited amount of people being allowed in the building. In-person meetings will be allowed to resume June 1st but attendance will be limited to 10 or less and online meeting platforms will continue to be offered.