Spencer City Council Gives Final Approval To Ordinance Revision Pertaining To Exterior Wall And Roofing Materials

Tue 1-19-2021

(Spencer)-- The Spencer City Council Monday gave final approval to an ordinance regulating exterior wall and roofing materials. City Manager Amanda Mack says it implements the universal building code and takes into consideration two concerns the city's Planning and Zoning Commission had...Building Materials 

"Should material considered be based on functionality, or should it be considered based on aesthetics and Planning and Zoning really wanted to kind of mold those together. We want things to conform to neighborhoods but we also want them to be good quality products. So this is a change in our current exterior materials to take into account the international building code which we've not done before. So it does open exterior materials for a more broad application than perhaps we've allowed before."

The vote was unanimous.

The Spencer City Council also approved engineering agreements for the West 4th Street and 32nd Avenue West storm sewer project and for the west Spencer Sanitary Sewer Study.