Spencer City Council Appoints Interim City Manager; Will Likely Re-Visit Sidewalk Cafes

Tue 6-8-2021

(Spencer)-- The city of Spencer will likely be re-visiting a policy on sidewalk cafes. Mayor Kevin Robinson told the city council Monday evening it stems from a letter he's received from an official with the Iowa Department of Transportation...Robinson & Sidewalk Cafes 

"I received a letter from the regional district office engineer for the state of Iowa with a concern about our sidewalk cafe program. He is requesting that we visit that discussion and that we need to be cognizant of the fact that number one we're on state right-of-way; there are certain laws and legislation that apply to that, especially as it relates to accessibility of the sidewalk."

Robinson said the state right-of-way extends all the way up to buildings along the highway.

The matter will be put on the agenda for an upcoming Spencer City Council Committee Of The Whole meeting.

The council also Monday evening approved the appointment of Brian Weuve as Interim City Manager. Weuve currently also serves as the city's Deputy City Manager and Finance Director.