Spencer Chamber of Commerce holding Halloween Decorating Contest

Mon 9-14-2020 1805 Hwy Blvd, Spencer, IA

(Spencer)-The Spencer Chamber is holding a Halloween Decorating contest this year, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Spencer Chamber of Commerce holding Halloween Decorating Contest 

The Spencer Chamber of Commerce has launched a Halloween Decorating Contest for residents and businesses.

Program Director Becky Fear-Hatting explains.  "We have two categories, we have the residents again where you decorate the outside of your house so people can just walk by, drive by or bicycle by, and actually see your decorations.  The for the businesses it's the same thing.  You may do the window of your business and/or if you have an area right outside that you want to decorate for Halloween.  All either category has to do is call the Chamber or email the Chamber and give us your name, your address, how we can get a hold of you so that, once the judging is done, we will be able to get back to the winners and let them know they've won."

She notes that cash prizes will be awarded.  "Each category the 1st place will win $200 in Chamber Dollars, 2nd place will be $100 in Chamber Dollars and 3rd place will be $50 in Chamber Dollars." 

The deadline for entry is October 16th, with winners to be announced on October 24th.

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