Spencer ADA Council Produces Video On How To Make Businesses & Public Places More Accessible To Those With Disabilities

Tue 4-9-2019

(Spencer)-- The Spencer ADA Council, an advisory board of the Spencer City Council, has put together a website and video for area business owners and community leaders in an effort to encourage making public spaces more accessible for persons with disabilities. Spokesman Tom Rutt tells KUOO news how they came up with the idea...ADA Video01 

"At one of our meetings one of our members, Eric Erickson actually, suggested that even though some hotels locally might have ADA compliant rooms, some of the rooms might still be hard for a person with disabilities to get around in them. So that led us to one thing to another and we came across an organization in Dubuque that had done a thing with helping businesses become more accessible and the person they picked up to be their clinician, their helper, was Michelle Ohmes from Kansas City, and so we reached out to Michelle and she said I would love to come to Spencer Iowa and do that with you, so. We put this together and made it a week thing, a week long thing in 2017 when she came and did some school visits, she visited some businesses and we had SMU follow her around and film simple little things businesses can do to make their place more accessible for persons with disabilities and as we found when you do that for persons with disabilities, it makes it even more welcoming for everybody."

Rutt says the project also features suggestions and stories of local leaders who integrated man common sense solutions for accessibility into their business or public space...ADA Video02 

"We want them to see that the ADA is not a law that's trying to get you in trouble with the federal government, but it's a way that you can make your business or place more welcoming to people and I guess the last time I checked when you're in business I think you want to make money and bringing more people into your business is usually a good thing."

The video is available on line by searching ADA: Let's Get Practical” or by contacting Spencer City Hall at (712) 580-7200.

Rutt says the project was made possible by grants from the Clay County Community Foundation and a Renaissance Grant from the city of Spencer.