Special Event Planned To Honor 100th Anniversary Of A Spencer Landmark

Thu 4-15-2021

(Spencer)-- A special event later this month will honor the 100th anniversary of a historic landmark on Grand Avenue in downtown Spencer. The Tangney Hotel was constructed in 1920 and opened its doors in April, 1921. That same building today is home of Grand Avenue Community Outreach, of which Kevin Brown is the Executive Director. He says the April 23rd event will begin at 6:30 pm at the Clay County Regional Events Center...Tangney celebration01 

"We've been collecting stories and memories and photographs and blue prints and you name it in preparation for this moment. We wanted to celebrate with a Christmas show at the end of 2020 but it just wasn't safe to do so. And so we're hoping that by doing something in April of 2021 that we can do that. So on April 23rd we're going to be out at the Clay County Regional Events Center in the big arena space for a concert. It's obviously not going to be a Christmas concert but a concert none the less with Jill Miller, a regionally reknown Christian artist out of Sioux City and her band is from all over the midwest and they're going to be coming up here to put on a show to celebrate this historic landmark."

Brown says Grand Avenue Community Outreach will also use the event to talk about the services that organization provides...Tangney celebration02 

"I know there's a lot of confusion and different stories being told about what we do in there and there's also a lot of things going on that most people don't know about. And so we want to be able to share that not just with our community but everybody that shows up to this. We encourage people to come from all over the place to come and be a part of this celebration whether it's former employees of the hotel or people that just know the building just because it does kind of stand out as the tallest building in downtown Spencer, so people passing through if they ever stayed there. There's just a lot of things to celebrate that, you know, over the last 100 years of this building and this is another great opportunity for us to talk about what we are going to be doing going forward, too."

Brown says they were successful in raising a million dollars to bring the upper levels of the building up to code and will outline their plans for that as well. In addition, Brown says a book detailing the history of the Tangney Hotel is being written...Tangney celebration03 

"We've been working with local author Arla Kintigh and she's been putting all kinds of stories and memories and reflections together into a book that we're hoping to release right around the time of the Spencer Sesquicentennial celebration in June. So the book is on it's way, it should be here very soon, but this is kind of a preview of that book. Some of the research that we found through this process is posted right on our website for everyone to see. Just really neat little anecdotes over the last hundred years of that building."

You can view that information at Tickets for the April 23rd event are also available for purchase there, by calling 712-580-4732 or by emailing